Frequently Asked Questions & Troubleshooting

1.) Is that your farm with the logo painted on the barn?

1.) Is that your farm with the logo painted on the barn?

No, it's not - but it sure is pretty!

2.) Can I order directly from DEI or do I have to go through a distributor or dealer?

You can purchase equipment directly from us, however, we ask that you first check with your hay preservative or silage inoculant dealer to see if they stock or order our applicators. This way you will have their support, as well as ours. Essentially, we appreciate your business regardless of where you buy it, but want to support your existing relationships!

3.) Are there any DEI products that include crop-eyes?

We currently do not have an applicator with a crop-eye system, BUT we do accommodate them. We have a connection wire that adapts our applicators to crop eyes that can be purchase at your local implement dealer (for use on balers only). The part number for the crop eyes is 474(-A).

The part number for our adaptor cable is 18983. This connects our SP-1 control to the crop eyes #474(-A) that are sourced through your local implement dealer.

4.) Is there a specific inoculant or preservative product that your company suggests?

No, we do not distribute our own preservative or inoculant product and do not recommend a certain one either. We have customers in many very, very different locations - so what may work best for one person may not be fitting for another. However, we are familiar with different types of inoculants and preservatives and how to get them correctly applied to your forage.

We suggest that you talk to your nutritionist, neighbor, relative, etc. with whom you already have an established relationship. Chances are they will be able to suggest something that has worked well for them.

Yes, applicators can be sent in for repairs or general maintenance. Please include a note with your name, return address, and a phone number. If you are aware of any specific issues, feel free to list those as well. Please take a look inside your applicator before you send it in - we want the inoculant on your fields, not our floors :)